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Here We Go Again!

Just as I was beginning to think that I had gotten away without her getting the chickenpox . . . what was I thinking? I guess I was just being hopeful, but I wasn’t really surprised by it . . . she does seem to be scabbing over a little quicker than Zee did, but she is also way more miserable and she was also angry with Zee for giving her the chickenpox 😉 LOL . . . Her being so sad inspired me to look for something to relieve her suffering more quickly, and so I have been spritzing her with a mixture of a few drops each of tea tree and lavender oils diluted in about 2oz colloidal silver and water (about 2 parts water to 1part colloidal silver) with just a touch of DMSO to help it mix together evenly. (too much will irritate the skin–it only takes a couple of drops.) I tested it on my own skin first on the inside of my elbow to make sure it wouln’t irritate, and it seemed to be fine. I think that witch hazel would probably work better than the colloidal silver, water, and DMSO mixture, since it is also antiseptic and is also an astringant, and would also act as a solvent so that the oils would mix in, but I didn’t have any on hand to try. If you do try this, use a spray bottle, (I found a small one that had glasses cleaner in it before but was now empty, and I rinsed it out really well to make sure it was completely clean.) or use a cotton ball and dab, don’t rub. If they have scratched the tops off of the pox, it will sting, so you might not want to use it at all if that is the case. For the face, don’t spritz it on, because you will get it in their eyes. Instead, use a cotton ball and dab, don’t rub because it will break the blisters and then it will sting, and probably scar. Bee said that it made them stop itching, but anything wet will do that until it dries again. The best test is that the pox are already almost completly scabbed over after only two and 1/2 days. The picture above is from Saturday afternoon when she finished breaking out. It is now Monday and they are mostly scabs now. This picture is from today. The big cluster that you can see on her arm just below her sleeve was the first one that I tested this on, and it didn’t scab, it just started going away. I think I got a lot more of the solution on it because I dabbed it on with a q-tip since I didn’t have a spray bottle at first. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the pox are red around the edges and then each one has a scab on top. Her face is a little behind the rest of her since I didn’t start puting it on her face until yesterday because I was afraid of getting it in her eyes. I still haven’t used it right around her eyes or on her nose because I think she would rub it into her eyes. (I have had tea tree oil in my eyes before and it was really one of my most unpleasant life experiences! NOT reccommended 🙂 ). I anticipate at this rate they will be all scabbed over by Wednesday . . .

Chicken Pox Fun

On the CDC website it says: “Chickenpox vaccine is the best way to prevent chickenpox. Vaccination not only protects vaccinated persons, it also reduces the risk for exposure in the community for persons unable to be vaccinated because of illness or other conditions, including those who may be at greater risk for severe disease. While no vaccine is 100% effective in preventing disease, the chickenpox vaccine is very effective: about 8 to 9 of every 10 people who are vaccinated are completely protected from chickenpox. In addition, the vaccine almost always prevents against severe disease. If a vaccinated person does get chickenpox, it is usually a very mild case lasting only a few days and involving fewer skin lesions (usually less than 50), mild or no fever, and few other symptoms.”

I have discovered that this is complete BS! If I ever had any doubts about the chicken pox vaccine before, they were all well founded. I have met so many people over the last few years who’s kids got chicken pox (some even multiple times) after getting vaccinated. I was really starting to worry about my 11-year-old, because the older you are when you get chicken pox, the worse it can be, so I was actually relieved when he broke out with the itchy rash over the weekend. Two of my sisters who’s kids, most of whom had been vaccinated, also broke out right about the same time . . . and I can guarantee that there were way more than 50 lesions on each kid — even the bottoms of feet had chicken pox! I just talked to a lady the other day who’s fourteen-year-old son recently got the chicken pox, (after having the vaccination) and it put him in the hospital.

I have decided that the chicken pox vaccine is really just a tool for procrastination that really only provides a false sense of security and (maybe) buys you a little time, but that little bit of convenience bought is just going to come back and bite you in the butt a lot harder later. Those 8 or 9 people talked about on the CDC website are just delayed and will most likely get it sooner or later. I think that we were very lucky that my son’s case was not more severe, considering his age . . . Interestingly enough, of my two children who didn’t have the vaccine one broke out very lightly, and the other not at all . . . at least not yet. But for now, I am keeping them all away from other kids as a precautionary measure.