The Holistic LDS Living Conference

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to let you know that I will be participating in the upcoming Holistic LDS Living Conference! I have been gearing up for the last few weeks,  so I apologize that I have not posted in a while. I will be in booth 16 at the front of the vendor area.

The conference will be on the last Saturday in June, on the 26th, in South Jordan, Utah at Paradigm High School.  I would love for you to meet me there, so I wanted to let you know that the registration deadline is this Friday, on June 18.  After that, there may be some at the door registration spots left, but it’s not guaranteed and it will be at a higher price.

The conference is going to be amazing, and has 20 speakers providing 56 classes to choose from.  Truly something for everyone, you won’t be disappointed! Many magnificent and qualified practitioners in the holistic field will be presenting at this conference.  The opportunity to learn about such a vast array of interests  from herbs, essential oils, energy work,  vaccines, holistic dentistry, whole foods, and the like will be offered at the conference and is geared towards the beginner and expert alike. Be sure to check the blog and Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date on the last minute happenings.

As you know,  there has been a major shift in the acceptance of the holistic arts, especially within the LDS community.  It is important and timely to bring such an intensive learning opportunity to the public.  Although the conference is  spiritually based, it is open to people of all faiths and beliefs.

Your support would be very appreciated!  If you could forward on this information to your contacts to let them know about this fantastic opportunity to learn and become empowered, that would be great.

Thank you!

Classes Offered:

From Janeen Brady,

The Healing Power of MusicFrom Dave Card, owner of Dave’s Nutrition
Homeopathic 72 Hour Kit
Enhancing Spiritual Healing using Homeopathy
God Loves Women: No Need to Suffer from Hormonal Issues
Feel Good through the Menopausal Year

From David Christopher,
Cancer Prevention and Holistic Treatment
Just What is the Word of Wisdom?
Healthy Food Storage

From Carolyn Cooper,

Your Energy Speaks Louder Than Your Words

Are you as confident in all areas as you would like to be? Confidence is an energy, a vibration, that others can sense.  If we have doubts about our abilities, that also creates a vibration that we emit. We are continuously sending out different “vibes”; likewise, we all have the ability to sense what others are sending out.

Wherever you are on your journey, you have the power to improve your life by letting go of negative beliefs and self doubts on the inside, thereby changing the signal you emit on the outside!  Join Carolyn Cooper, Energy Intuitive to learn about the body’s energy systems and how they affect all aspects of your life.

We Are the Chain-Breaking Generation

How to keep your past from impeding your children’s future.

As mothers we have access to mother’s intuition, however it can be difficult to hear that intuition when we carry false beliefs from generations past, limiting beliefs about ourselves, or issues from childhood experiences.  Getting clear on who you are is a gift you give not only to yourself and your children, but to generations to come.

Tai Chi Flow
We all know exercise is an essential part of a healthy life. If you knew there was a form of exercise that could increase balance, lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, posture, and overall strength would you be interested?
And if this exercise form were also easy, fun, emotionally and spiritually enriching and could be done in minutes a day would you do it? Recent clinical studies confirm that the gentle, meditative movements of Tai Chi produce measurable benefits in all these areas.
This workshop is a wonderful introduction to Tai Chi for students of all ages and fitness levels. This class requires no previous knowledge of Tai Chi and no equipment, just come as you are, and leave more relaxed!
From Ken Craig:
Receiving Gifts of the Spirit
In 1 Corinthians chapter 12, it talks about gifts of the Spirit.  What are gifts of the Spirit, and more importantly, what are yours?  Gain understanding and clarity on this important aspect of personal and spiritual development as Bishop Ken Craig discusses gifts of the Spirit, their diversity, and the use of these gifts in accomplishing the purposes of your individual mission.
Arriving in Holistic-ville Without the Use of a Map
There are many avenues to a holistic lifestyle, and Ken Craig appreciates them all.  Though still prone to craving Hostess products, this engaging father of six shares anecdotes along his path from the mainstream towards herbs, essential oils, whole food-eating, and home-birthing to encourage you, or a loved one, on your own journey.
From Cliff Dunston:
Speed Healing for the  Body
Healing Power of Art

From Lara Gallagher,

The Green Smoothie Cure
A year and a half ago I started drinking green smoothies because all the popular people were doing it.  I had no idea it would be the first step to curing the depression I have lived with for 30 years and give me a whole new life.  The woman I am today will tell you about the woman I was yesterday and how her journey of healing was the hardest and the easiest thing she’s ever done.
Simple Freedom
All the STUFF that is constantly moving in and out of our lives can either create contentment or contention. Learn how to simplify the clutter in your physical space and your mind so you have room to create the life you truly desire.

From Stephanie Greenwood,
Top Ten Chemicals in Personal Care Products to Avoid
Your Thyroid and Hormones: Xenoestrogens, What They Are, How They Affect You, and How to Avoid Them.

From Nicole Hamory:
SOLA Yoga Stikk = Body/Mind/Spirit CELEBRATION!
Peace, balance, healing, joy and serenity are just a few of the many benefits of Yoga.  Join Nicole Hamory, co-author of Yoga For Kids to Teens and creator of SOLA Yoga Stikk for an exploration into the ancient art and science of Yoga.  Come and learn how to use your body as a spiritual tool to heighten your connection to Christ. No experience necessary; all are encouraged to attend.
Healthy Chocolate?  Taste for Yourself!
Imagine a chocolate treat that is Nature’s number one weight loss and high energy food… Join Nicole Hamory, raw foodist and chocolate addict, for an adventure into the world of chocolate. We will learn about the healing, cleansing and energizing effects of cacao (raw chocolate) and how to make easy, delicious and sin-free chocolate treats for your entire family.

From Julia Holt:
Living Foods and the Living Word: Raw Food Diet and the Scriptures
Millions of dollars are spent each year in the diet industry, and still we are struggling as a nation with diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. The Lord set up a diet system for our health and happiness! We will be discussing the Lord’s Diet Plan as set out in the scriptures and from the prophets, as well as taking an honest look at foods and what they do for us.
Raw Foods Demo’s and Q&A
How to “Cook” Raw.  Living foods demonstration with raw foods coach Julia Holt. Bring your questions and your appetite for fun in the kitchen with samples and answers to frequently asked questions about balancing real life and real foods!
Nurturing Ourselves and Our Families Through Herbs, Oils and Raw foods
Come benefit from Julia Holt’s expertise as an Herbalist, Essential Oil Consultant and Raw Food Chef. Julia will be sharing her journey from sickness to health and how it has strengthened her testimony in the Lord and her faith in the bounty of nature. Prepare to learn how to nourish your mind, body, and spirit!
Pass the Sugar, Please!
On average each American eats 30lbs of sugar per year. Come learn how to eat sweet healthily. Discover alternative sweeteners found in nature. Learn the facts about High Fructose Corn Syrup and processed sugars. Balance your palate to make naturally sweet foods sweeter. Over 100 recipes have been gathered and will be shared, including Green Drinks and naturally sweetened treats!  GREAT class for diabetics.

From Steven Horne,
The Cold IS the Cure: Pioneer Remedies for Relieving Colds and Flu in 24-48 Hours
All the early Utah physicians (Priddy Meeks, Willard Richards, etc.) were Thomsonian botanical physicians, not regular doctors.  As such, they used a system of healing that involved some basic herbal remedies and herbal hydrotherapy.  I have used these same methods for almost 20 years with myself and my family and find them highly effective at relieving contagious diseases, usually in 24-48 hours.  In this class I’ll cover the basics of Thomsonian botanical medicine and how we can use it today.
Pain Relief without Medication
Pain is almost always a sign of inflammation, which is the body’s primary response to tissue damage.  In this class, I’ll cover what happens when tissues get injured and how inflammation can be rapidly reversed.  I’ll demonstrate basic techniques for completely relieving pain in minor injuries in 5 to 20 minutes.  I’ll also talk about how to apply these same principles to ease chronic aches and pains.
Understanding Herbal Medicine: It Doesn’t Take a Rocket Scientist
Herbal medicine is easy to understand when you understand that herbs don’t work on diseases, herbs work on tissues to restore them to health.  In this class, I’ll cover the seven basic categories of herbal remedies that can easily be recognized by taste and smell.  I’ll explain how each category of remedy affects the body and what kinds of problems it helps to correct.

From Jonelle Hughes,
Sweet is the Work: Peaceful Mothering in a Chaotic World.
Sharing the triumphs and errors in mothering that have taught valuable lessons.  Simple ideas to incorporate into our lives to strengthen ourselves and our families and bring more harmony to our hearts and homes.
Wisdom from the Stillroom:
Creating a holistic record for the generations and how to incorporate and use essential oils, herbs  and energy work for the family.
Through the ages the “Stillroom” was a room or corner of the home dedicated to the healing arts.  Keeping Herbs, oils, & various equipment to create medicinals was a must to treat the ailments of family and community.  The Stillroom book was a book full of recipes, words of wisdom, various ideas, genealogy, epiphanies, and a general record to pass down to the ages. Come learn how to create your own stillroom book, and learn about various uses for essential oils, herbs and energy work for the family. I will share with you some of my favorite “stillroom” recipes and wisdom, from my own lineage and experience.
The Top 10 Essential Oils and How to Use Them:
Learn easy ways to incorporate oils into your daily routine and heal your family.  Jonelle will be sharing her favorite top 10 oils, their uses, how to use them and make simple blends.  Jonelle likes to call the oils her “friends”. They are always there to help and make things better. How oils affect the body and emotions simultaneously, and make a difference daily. Bring your nose for smelling and sampling!

From Dr. Humphreys,
Keeping Your Child Healthy Through Natures Wisdom
With the dramatic increase in children being diagnosed with life altering illnesses such as Autism, ADHD and asthma, many parents have begun to wonder if their children’s future may be bright. This session will bring you hope; showing you simple steps that nature has provided to create a vibrant and healthy child from birth to old age.  Understand that the health care crisis is due to our current medical philosophy and treatments and learn how to prevent life altering illnesses such as ADHD, Autism, Allergies and others with just a few simple steps
Vaccinations and your child – what every parent needs to know!
Over the last 20 years there have been over 20 additions to the childhood immunization schedule. Over that same period there has been a dramatic increase in all childhood chronic illnesses such as Asthma, Autism, ADHD and others. This session will describe the current medical research showing connections between this rise of childhood illnesses and vaccinations – and what YOU can do about it.

From Joyce Kinmont:
Health and Wellness Decisions Made Easier
Yes, God cares what you eat for lunch!  He designed the earth to be our home, and He stocked it with all we would need to sustain life and health.  As we learn more of the scriptures, more of the words of the prophets, and a little biology, it is easier to understand His plan and be less confused by the evening news.  This “big picture” presentation will help you choose what to eat and how to heal.

From Sarah McKay:
All About Eggs: The Hows and Whys of Backyard Egg Production
Have you been thinking about raising egg-laying chickens in your backyard?  Don’t know where to start?  This is the class for you!  Interest in raising chickens is booming.  Come and see how simple it can be to raise your own small flock. We will be discussing: the benefits of raising chickens, chick selection and care, nutrition, housing & predators, city regulations & neighbors, health & behavior, winter/summer care, and local resources.
From Philip McLemore:
Awakening into the Spirit: The Art and Practice of Meditation
Part One:  The Philosophical and Spiritual Foundation
President David O. McKay stated, “Meditation is one of the most sacred doors through which we pass into the presence of the Lord”.  Experiencing this “presence” on a regular basis takes one beyond typical “spiritual experiences” and results in spiritual rebirth or transformation.  Did Jesus meditate?  Can I become “one” with The Father in this life?  How can I “know” the mysteries promised to the faithful?  How and why is meditation the consummation of all spiritual disciplines?
Awakening into the Spirit: The Art and Practice of Meditation
Part Two:  Principles and Techniques for a Lifelong Meditation Practice
In this workshop you will learn the specific methods, principles, and disciplines for establishing a fruitful meditation and contemplative prayer practice.  A successful meditation practice will empower you to:
· Improve physical, emotional, and psychological health
· Manage stress, anxiety, or chronic pain with grace
· Eliminate unproductive, conditioned behavior and live with greater
awareness  and joy
· Experience the unfolding of your divine inner nature by accessing higher
states of consciousness and deep communion with God
Becoming The Beloved of The Lord:
Maturing through the Stages of Spiritual Growth
Speaking to his disciples Jesus said, “Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but…others…might not see and…might not understand.”  The scriptures were designed to teach and inspire people at all levels of spiritual development and to encourage them to “go on to perfection (maturity).”  What are the stages of spiritual growth and where am I today?  How can I mature in Christ and experience ever-new light, life, love, and joy?  Come and “see.”
From Desiree Olenslager:
DIY- Making Salves
DIY: Tinctures and Encapsulation:
If you’ve ever wanted to make tinctures or capsules, but have felt intimidated by the process, now is your chance to participate in a hands on demonstration.  Doing it yourself at home is easy, cost effective, and empowering.  This class will include instruction on making glycerine based tinctures and capsulating herbs as well as discussion on creating your own formulas, sources for herbs and materials, and systems to help make it all easy and affordable.

From Nicholeen and Spencer Peck,
A House United ~Improving the Family’s Relationships by Teaching Self-Government
Teaching Self Government
If we are constantly battling our children at home, how can we create an environment to build leaders?  The most inspiring of all lessons taught in the home is that of a good parent/child relationship. There are no tricks to achieving children that govern themselves, while happily and willingly obeying the counsel of their parents.  A working family government and atmosphere of acceptance and love turns the heart of a child to his/her parents.  Don’t just parent your children; teach them the skills they need to govern themselves.
We Are as the Parents of the Armies of Helaman
Many Parents have a feeling that they are raising a generation of warriors.  This is an exciting time.  This is a difficult time.  How do we raise a generation of warriors in these times of social mediocrity?  We need to Raise up a Family unto the Lord.  In this class we will discuss what our future warriors need to know to be ready for their call to action, and how to set up an environment that will make warriors.
The Power of Calm
When we go speak to people around the country about the style of parenting we live in our home and the family culture we are passionate about, one of the biggest responses we get is, “I think I need self-government myself before I can teach it to my children.”  This is so true!  Holistic parents know that you can’t change effects with out changing causes.  Sometimes parents cause difficulties by getting upset and losing control.  It is hard to stay calm when you are under pressure and dealing with the stresses of raising children and living in our fast paced world.  In this class we will talk about how fathers and mothers can tap into the power called “being calm.”  We will also be touching on how husbands and wives do it together.  Fathers and mothers are different, but that doesn’t mean there needs to be contention about parenting.  One of the biggest keys to staying clam as a parent is having a common vision with your spouse.  Come ready to learn and apply some not so new, but very effective communication principles which will strengthen your marriage first, and then your home.
Change the World by Living Your Regular Life:  How we changed the hearts of two troubled British teens while being on BBC television.
Our freedoms are all under attack.  We must keep our focus clear to be a voice of liberty for an increasingly apathetic world.  God made you who you are for a reason.  Fulfilling the mission God prepared you for will be simple, because you are already the right person for the job and you have had the experiences which will make you the person to inspire your mission for the world.  The most inspiring people are not famous first, they are people first.  Public notice comes after we learn how to live the life we are supposed to live.  Our nation needs women who understand what liberty means; who are living proof that the principles of liberty free the soul.  Recently, I got to stand for what I believe in on British television.  I got the opportunity to show the captive world how the principle of liberty makes families and people spiritually strong and free.  Come hear how making a TV show for the BBC has changed many lives forever.
From Michelle Stone:
Celestial Education
What is the purpose of education? Are the models we are pursuing with our families telestial, terrestrial, or are they truly Celestial? What is the difference? What does God most want us to learn in this life, and what are the most important lessons for our children? Come learn how to overcome the dimness of our traditions and be inspired to help ourselves and our children discover the brilliance of what God knows we can learn and become.
Celestial Education 2.0
a more in depth look at the doctrine and implementation of Celestial Education

From Pam Udy:
The Miracle of Birth
God has designed families. A mother’s purpose is divinely given. Inspiration is available to guide us. Pregnancy and labor are natural, normal processes with both physical and spiritual benefits. You can have a natural birth—I’ll share tips on how to prepare.

From Sean Ulm, DDS:
What is Biological and Holistic Dentistry?

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