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I hate it. I loath it. I can’t wait for it to just go AWAY!

Yet, supposedly this is the warmest winter known to earth in the last 100 years according to global warming advocates as reported by planetark.com, and according to the results of the Climate Conference in Copenhagen this year.

What is that all about??? I think we have more snow, and earlier, than I have seen here in the last 10 years. 2 years ago, I wondered if we would even have snow for Christmas, but this year we had snow in November. So, according to global warming experts, 2009 is a record high temperature in spite of the fact that Australia had a continent wide record low in April this year with a record breaking -13 degrees at Charlotte Pass and “Hobart had its coldest April night in 46 years, recording a low of 1.7 degrees, seven below average,” according to Brett Dutschke from Weatherzone. Last year, record lows were recorded in cities all across America, reported by Prison Planet with IceAgeNow showing that record lows were being matched and broken on an almost daily basis in states throughout the U.S. in 2008. This week in the Salt Lake Tribune, Jason Bergreen reported in his article Baby, it’s Cold Outside in Weather » Temperature hits a bone-chilling minus 31 at the Bryce Canyon Airport, that “Wednesday’s low temperature was a Dec. 9 record for Bryce Canyon and broke the old record of minus 22 set in 1951, according to the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City,” and that “northern Utah isn’t exactly going through a warm spell this week either. The low Wednesday at the Salt Lake City International Airport was 2 degrees. The high was only 22. Normally during this week of December the high is usually 39 and the low is 23.”

So, we can’t have both global warming and global cooling. I remember in grade school in the 70’s we were being terrified into recycling efforts to help stop an impending ice age. Now our kids are being frightened into “green” living by teachers who say the earth will eventually become a hot dead planet like mercury if we don’t stop killing it with our carbon and methane emissions.

Don’t breathe or pass gas! It’s killing the planet.

An ice age is coming!

The planet is going to burst into flames and explode!

Stop using fossil fuels, we are going to run out and they are toxic to the planet.

We should be developing nuclear power, which is known to have highly toxic and radioactive waste because it is more efficient and emits less carbon.

We can’t use wind power, it’s killing bats.

Wind power is all the rage! It’s super clean and the costs are prohibitive.

Man creates climate change.

Sun spots create climate change.

The science is solid, so don’t question it.

So, people, we can’t have our global warming and our cooling too. Where’s the real science?

I am growing increasingly skeptical about all of this, especially after the recent Climategate fiasco. I am not proposing that we trash the planet, but at the same time, it would be nice to see some real science without cooked data and hidden agendas. Are we all supposed to just rush to the altar and worship at the recycling bin without any real transparency?